Monday, June 13, 2011

Why should you write?

 1 – When you tell people that you write, the reactions are widely varying and often hilarious. 

2 – Every so often you find someone who loves to read your work.

3 – It you don’t write, your head, or possibly other body parts, may explode. (I’m a little bit worried about my baby toe right now.)

4 – There is no better entertainment then your own imagination.

5 – It’s a good excuse to sit in a cafe and people watch.

6 – It’s a good excuse to read ridiculous and fun books. (I have to read teen romances because I need to know my market)

7 – The characters in your head are there for you when no one else can be.

8 –
Some of the most interesting people around are writers, and being one of them makes you interesting in turn. Right? Right? No? Well, at least you can talk to interesting people about a common interest.

9 – When you get caught daydreaming, you can play it off like you were plotting your book in your head, even if you really weren’t.

10 – Unlike many jobs, writing never gets boring or repetitive. If it does, you’re not doing it right.

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