Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How often do you write?

I have a feeling I covered this before, but I know that in the past month, the usual amount I write has definitely changed. Before I got into the final stages of publishing my book, I would write at least a little bit almost every day. The amount I wrote varied, usually under 1000 words on weekdays and up to 3000 during the weekend.

Since I've been working on getting the files together to publish, I have hardly been able to write at all. Most of my time is spent worrying about Magic High, or learning some marketing tips for selling the book. It seems to be next to impossible to find time to actually write.

What does this actually mean? Well, other then the fact that I'm getting a little cranky from not being able to do what I love, it means that it will take that much longer for my next book to be released. Many of the self published authors that do well often are able to release several books a year. At this rate, I don't know that could release even one a year. My goal is to produce more than that, but first I have to write the next book, and to do that I'll have to start writing more regularly than I have been. Hopefully now that most of the technical work for Magic High is done, I'll be able to find the time again.

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