At age twelve I discovered that I wanted to be a writer. However even at that young age, I knew that I should probably have a back up plan. But what?

In high school I figured it out. I would become an illustrator. That was a much more stable career. Ha! After some time at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, I had my hopes and dreams crushed when I realized that there were a lot of talented and confident artists in the world. I didn't have the passion that was required to be successful, so I moved on.

This time I went to college for graphic design. Finally, I was in a field where I could actually make money and still be artistic. But, alas, the illusion was once again shattered when I spent a couple of years working as a designer only to discover that my creativity was going to be limited to arching text over clipart, at least for the foreseeable future.

Not knowing what else to do, I returned to University. In May 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in History. I still draw comics, do some design work, but most of all I spend my time writing. Magic High is my debut novel.