Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What am I writing?

I don't much like talking about what I'm writing before I at least have a first draft done. However, since I'm working on so many things right now, perhaps it's time to discuss them each a little bit so that I can maybe figure out which one I really want to finish first.

These are all working titles and will most likely be changed before they are finished. Probably they will be changed multiple times because that's just what this business is like.

Option 1
The Box

- This is the novel I was writing for both my creative writing class as well as my writing group during the winter. I got about 31000 words written in 14 chapters, but I felt like the last few chapters had lost the energy and purpose that the first chapters had. I'm not sure where to go next with the story. Also the characters need a lot of work since the main girl feels a lot like Tab from Magic High, and the main guy remains a little personality-less to this point. However, I am a fan of the plot. Plus out of all of my options, I think this one has the strongest writing, especially after all of the critiquing it has received.

Magic High 2

- I've started and restarted this a few times now. I actually ended up using the plot I had been saving for the second book in the first one (never hold back for a second book what you can use in the first). So now I'm not entirely sure what the plot will be, if I do a second book at all. I have about 3000 words of a new story written, but I haven't really felt the desire to work on this book yet. My original plan was to work on it once I finished The Box, but that one is going a lot slower than I would like. So far I haven't come up with a strong plot for it yet. Also, there isn't much point in writing this book if I no one liked the first one.

Option 3
Wielder Kaladrin

- This is a story I started back in 2009. I got a lot written and then realized that the story had no plot. I had been moving along so well because of my love for the characters alone. I recently took another look at it and decided it might be salvageable. The writing is pretty choppy and it would need a lot of work to insert a plot, but I still love the characters and don't find them overly similar to other characters that I've written. There's also a good word count to work with, (around 43000 words) so it isn't a daunting task to get the first draft done. However, unlike with The Box, getting a second and third draft done may be excruciatingly difficult and I may never get it to a point where I'm happy with the writing.

Option 4
King's Treasure

- A very very rough name. In fact up until about 2 minutes ago it had no name at all. I shouldn't even really include this one since it is a script I started for a graphic novel. If I ever get my confidence back with my drawing that is.  However, lately I've been thinking that it might be kind of fun to turn the story into a novel instead. Much like Magic High 2, this is still in very early stages, but so far I love the characters, the plot is pretty fun and it's the only one of my stories that is high fantasy instead of urban fantasy. Also, since I'm writing it as a script for a comic book, I should be able to get the first draft done fairly quickly since the word count won't need to be anywhere near what a novel needs. Once the outline is done, I would be able to expand it into a proper novel. Not how I usually work, but it could be interesting. Generally I find that my characters get a little stale or cliche when I write the more traditional style of fantasy, so we'll have to see what happens with this one. It may be one more story thrown into my "practice" folder.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Pictures of LOL Catz for inspiration? Leave a comment. Or you know, don't. That's fine too.

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