Friday, April 29, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Well, I've missed a couple of blog posts this week and today's post is going up a little later than usual. However, since I'm doing the final touches on the book, I think I have a good excuse. Today's post is going to be a little sneak peek of Magic High, which will be released in June. Enjoy!

Shuffle. Shuffle shuffle. Nudge. Resist urge to shove. No, no Tabetha. You can’t put a hex on them just ‘cause they cut in front of you. Not even if they do keep looking at you like you’re the jerk.
Assemblies suck. Trying to get through the overcrowded halls to get to the stupid assembly sucks more.
My friend shoved her way through the crowd toward me, knocking kids against the wall so she could have a better path. Her brown braids swished behind her, smartly smacking people in the face if they tried to fight back. I watched Eleanor with a smile. No one would dare mess with her when she was wearing braids. And in a few minutes she would be walking beside me, helping me to get through the crowd faster too. What else were friends for?
Elle!” I called to her over the noise.
Tab!” Eleanor waved. “Hey! Can you believe this crowd? You’d think someone would have thought of a better way to herd us from our classes to the auditorium.”
Of course everyone glared at her when she spoke since she was being super loud, but I was used to it. I felt particularly pleased to be Eleanor’s best friend on braid days. It meant we would always get the best table at lunch. And it meant there was even less chance of people paying attention to me, which was just how I liked it.

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