Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you plan on doing a book launch?

Marketing is a big topic which I will probably revisit at a later date. However, since I spent a good deal of time discussing this issue with my mother and Deirdre Kessler yesterday, both of whom have released books of their own, I decided to touch on some of what we talked about.

The biggest thing that we discussed was the book launch party. Since this book won't be available in a large number of stores, I haven't given a whole lot of thought about doing a big book release. However, since there is a very helpful and encouraging arts community in this province, I think that having one is a good decision.

There are a few things that I'm going to have to spend some time figuring out before the event. One is the date. I need to have enough time between now and the event so that I can insure the books will arrive. I also need to make it a day when people will be available to go. Since my story is for young adults, I don't want to have a release in the middle of a school day since I hope that some students will be interested in going.The date is also important since I need to be able to promote the event. My mother and Deirdre suggested that I start sending out information about the launch at least a month before it happens. I don't want that information to be wrong. I also want the information to be printed before the release happens, which is particularly difficult with papers that only print once a month.

I must also decide on a location for the release. A lot of places were suggested to me, including the library, local book stores, and schools, all of which would allow me to have the event for no additional cost. Since I'll be footing the bill, the less expensive option is always best for me. However, if I was willing to spend some money, there are a lot of options available, all in privately owned buildings.

Despite the fact that I plan on advertising the event as much as I can through newspapers, posters and more, I can't help but feel nervous about the launch. What if no one comes? But I suppose the only thing I can do is advertise it and hope for the best. Time to cross my fingers.

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