Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Design and Release Party

Looky looky at the new website design. As the official release quickly approaches for Magic High, (October 8th) I figured it was time to put a little magic in the website.

Talking about the official release, you might notice that it's a little bit late. As in, the book has been available for sale since the end of May 2011, and I'm finally having a release party in October 2011. There are reasons for this, and they aren't just me being lazy. One of the main reasons it's taken so long is because I was informed that having a summer release would end badly. As in no one would show up. Another reason is that I really wanted to have a release with my friend Brenda Hickey who just released her debut graphic novel In the Air. Since her book only just came back from the publisher in late August, there was no way we could do an earlier release together.

So what's happening at this release party? Well, I'm going to do a short reading from Magic High and Brenda is going to read some of In the Air while projecting the illustrations on the wall. We're going to have a draw for a copy of our books and best of all we are going to meet some potential fans. Assuming people come of course.

This will all be happening October 8th, at Timothy's World Coffee in Charlottetown, PE, from 1:30 to 3:30 or whenever we finish up. Not going to be anywhere near Charlottetown? That's alright! You can celebrate right along with us right here on my website. Hope to see you then!

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