Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How was your first book signing?

I had my first signing today, and it went very well considering that there were no announcement and even I wasn’t sure I was doing it until the night before. So what were the steps for a happy signing event?

1)     1)Tell everyone you know and beg them all to come. My friends were very supportive and hung out around my table all night. Many of them even bought books! (Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are?)

2)     2) Have it while something else is going on in the store. As a new author, I have no real fan base (yet) so it was great that the Harry Potter party was going on to bring in a few people at the store already who were obviously interested in books about magic. Many were too young, but I did have a couple of teens eyeing the book and one girl bought it! I really hope she enjoys it.

3)     3) Bring extra copies of the book. Indigo had five copies, which all sold, so I was very happy I had brought some extras. I may actually have to order more soon, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

4)     4) Smile and don’t be afraid to sell your book to everyone who walks by. I’m kind of terrible at the second part, since I’m never sure what to say. Plus, I naturally am more likely to put myself down than talk myself up. But when you’re selling a book, you can’t be modest. I’m still working on that one.

I didn’t sell a hundred copies. I didn’t even sell every copy I had, and those that I did sell were mostly to friends. But I had a whole lot of fun, and I did better than the one copy I was expecting to sell. I can’t wait for the next event for my book.

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