Friday, May 13, 2011

Who are you using to self-published your book?

Over all, yesterday was a bad day. Things have been hectic for me since I started my new job and yesterday seemed especially so. Of course, the more frustrated I got, the worse the day got. So when I got home from my job at midnight after having been locked out of my house for an hour, I discovered that my proof copy of my book had come in from CreateSpace.

As exciting as it was to finally have the proof, I was cautious with my enthusiasm since nothing had gone right that day. Sadly, the book was no exception. There were about four pages that were left completely blank, as though the printer just forgot to print on one side of the paper before cutting everything up, and more odd then that was the single page where all of the text was missing, except for the page number. I feel like that must be my fault, but I've yet to figure out where the problem occurred.

Up until that point I had been leaning toward CreateSpace for a few reasons. First, they are directly linked to Amazon, which seems like the best place for an unknown writer to be found, if they are going to be found at all. Secondly, they offered a great deal if you wanted to sell your book directly on your own website, where you would earn a much higher percentage then with Amazon. Thirdly, the offered a royalty system that seemed both fair and easy to figure out. And finally, it would cost me less to have the book printed in order to sell it on my own.

The other real option available right now is Lulu. They are very similar in many ways, such as Lulu will also make your book available online, however the company charges you an additional price. However, I already printed with Lulu at Christmas and was fairly pleased with the results. They didn't seem to have any major problems with my file and it ended up looking more or less like what I expected.

So when I started this note, I thought I knew what I was going to do so far as printing, but now I'm not so sure. Any suggestions for me out there?

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