Monday, March 26, 2012

The dreaded writers block

I think every writers blog ever and then some have covered this topic. And most of them have given great advice and suggestions on how to beat writers block. If you’re looking for advice, honestly you’re in the wrong place. But if you’ve ever experienced writers block and want a sympathetic ear, I’m here for you.

Writers block sucks. No matter what causes it, there’s no denying that sitting at your computer and staring at the screen for hours can really get you down. The longer you’re blocked, it seems, the harder it is to start writing again.

I’ve spent days trying to write out the last 1000 words of the chapter I’m working on. 1000 words, no problem, right? Apparently it’s completely impossible. Unfortunately it’s not the kind of block that I can just force myself through. The problem is that I have no idea what needs to happen next, so I can’t even skip forward a bit and carry on. Getting myself to write isn’t a problem, however, the story that I need to be working on is completely stalled. 

I had a self imposed deadline to finish this draft by the end of the month. Apparently I don’t work well under pressure, even when that pressures coming from no one but myself.

Have you suffered from writers block? What helped you get over it?

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  1. The 30 year old who has written a best selling book on creativity (reviewed in The Globe and Mail on Saturday) says to do something completely different. Let it go. Start a new project. Clean out a closet. Then the answer will come.