Sunday, January 15, 2012

Work Space - Day Three

Day two of my room makeover was pretty uninspiring. We had people come look at the house, so I had to move everything that I moved yesterday back to where it was to make the room presentable. That felt a little counterproductive.

However, despite that setback, I still managed to get some sanding done. There were still a couple of spots that were wet, so I wasn’t able to get it all sanded nor was I able to start painting the undercoat as I had originally planned. That means that at the end of the day yesterday, everything looked about the same as day one and I was feeling a little frustrated.

However, I did get some paint swatches. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for colours, so I brought home a bit of a variety.

Day three has brought about a lot better results. I spent the morning sanding everything down again and then washing all of the walls again. There seems to be a pattern to this madness.

After getting a good layer of dust and grim on myself, I realized that I needed to go get a pan for the paint, so I carefully changed my shirt so that I’d be more presentable and then went out. When I was in the line to leave the store, I realized that I hadn’t done anything to fix my hair, face or pants, and all were covered in a good layer of white dust. Thank goodness I changed my shirt, or I would have looked ridiculous!

Finally I got my first layer of paint down. The walls are now white. Well, sort of. Two walls are cream since I accidently took three cans of paint from my father that are  all different colours. Oops. But it’s only an undercoat anyway. Once I get the final colour on tomorrow (hopefully) it shouldn’t make a difference.

Although there have been a few setbacks, I still have hope that I’ll finish tomorrow. Thanks so much everyone for your support! I can't wait to have you all over when I've finished.

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